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I don’t have the energy to write today. I’m just not feeling inspired. I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m feeling a little more into it.

Sound familiar? You’ve probably found yourself thinking like this more times than you can count. The next day comes, and you’re not feeling motivated that day. Weeks pass, and the writing just doesn’t happen. Tomorrow never comes, and you end up wondering how other people manage to write every day while you struggle to get in the occasional burst.

The problem isn’t really motivation or inspiration though. The real barrier to learning how to write daily is procrastination, and the solution is to build a writing habit. Writing shouldn’t feel like an accomplishment, it should feel routine.

Once you’ve developed a writing habit, it’ll actually feel weird not to write, like forgetting to brush your teeth.

HorrorHere are five indie fiction pieces you’re going to love! Some of it’s a bit dark and unusual, so be aware of that before clicking through. In the interest of transparency, be warned that these pieces are hosted on my fiction website, Valley of Mist, so this post is a bit cross promotional. All the same, a lot of you are really going to enjoy what Valley of Mist has to offer, and these have been hand picked from the best the site has to offer.

An Apology


Mrs. Buttons


The Liar on Baker Street

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Guest post by Jonathan Burke

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Guest Post by Louise Tillotson

Startup Costs of FreelancingFreelance writing can be a very lucrative job if you enjoy it. The setup costs are surprisingly low when you compare it to setting up virtually any other home-based business, and the rewards can be high.

If you’re new to freelancing then read on to find some cheap and easy ways to get started.

How to be a bloggerWondering how to be a blogger? If so, I’m writing this article just for you.

Being a blogger can be easy if you use the word loosely. If you focus more on yourself than your reader, you might as well just rush over and put up 3 posts about your cat on a blogspot blog named after you. Congratulations, you’re a blogger. Not what you’re looking for? Good, keep reading.