By Haxagor @ DeviantArtBeing a freelance writer comes with a huge backpack of double-edged swords! One of the keenest among those blades is managing your own time.

You can decide when to start your work day. You choose when to take lunch. You choose when to take breaks. This seems great until you realize that you’ve also got to be the one standing over your own shoulder, making yourself get that project done on time. Believe me, standing over your own shoulder is harder than it looks.

Luckily for you, your fellow writers have all had to handle this same blade and lived to pass on this great advice!


5 Simple Tips to Maintain Focus on Your Writing

Having a lot of days when keeping yourself going seems impossible? This article gives some excellent tips on getting yourself to start working and keep working!

5 Strategies to Banish Writing Distractions for Good

These tips focus on banishing the distracting elements from your writing environment by any means necessary. Great article that makes staying focused way easier.

How to Avoid Distractions as a Freelance Writer

This article offers advice on keeping yourself so focused that you’ll consider becoming a task juggling work hermit! Seriously, don’t go in there if you want to procrastinate!

How To Stop Being Distracted and Get Stuff Done

Think procrastination is your fault? Well, maybe you’re half right. There are a a lot of distractions out there in freelance workplace though, and distraction happens to the best of us. You can’t control all of them. This article is about dealing with the part you can control: You.

Procrastination: Understanding & Overcoming

This article strikes at the heart of the problem, attempting to help us understand why we get distracted, and get past that so we can actually get some work done.